As an apprentice, you get a lot of stigma. But what are the worst things to say to an apprentice?

Did you not get good grades?

Lots of people who do apprenticeships get good grades, and had many options. They just chose to do an apprenticeship. In fact, some degree apprenticeships now ask for 3 A's in A-Levels!

You're basically cheap labour…

Although apprentices can be paid a minimum of £3.50 an hour, many apprentices are actually on a lot more. In fact, some apprentices are earning over £20,000 a year! So definitely not cheap labour! If you want to learn how to manage your money, here's a blog.

It's not even a real job

An apprenticeship most certainly is a real job. You'll be getting real responsibility and be at the same level as your colleagues. Read current apprentices' stories to see the responsibility you could get.

You're not getting a real qualification 

An apprenticeship is a real qualification and is just as difficult as the stand-alone qualification. So, you need to think about this! If you want to do a degree apprenticeship, remember that you're doing a degree while working full time! 

You must work in construction or engineering

Apprenticeships are available in over 170 industries! So, the myth that apprenticeships are only in manual work is completely wrong. Although you can get apprenticeships in these industries, you can also get apprenticeships in marketing, management, law and even retail!

They're only for school leavers

An apprenticeship is for someone at any age. Although most people being hired into apprenticeship roles are young, not all apprentices are young. In fact, more and more people in apprenticeships are already in jobs and this is an extra learning course for them. 

Employers don't value apprenticeships

The fact that employers hire apprentices goes to show that they value them! With big brands hiring, they know the work and know what an apprentice is capable of. Here are some of the big employers we help to hire apprentices.

You're never going to earn much money

Often, people think that to earn a lot of money throughout your career you need to have a degree. In actual fact, an apprentice starts earning straight away and can quickly get a promotion - 70% of apprentices get a promotion after their apprenticeship! And often this comes with a great pay rise. Calum started as a marketing apprentice and is now a marketing executive!

You're missing out on a social life

Although you're missing out on student nights, working is a whole different social life altogether! You get to meet people from all walks of life, and get to enjoy the excitement of Christmas parties…

You can't progress as quickly without a degree

Often people will say that without a degree you can't progress quickly, or you'll never get into management. As an apprentice, you'll have experience of working and experience of that company so you're actually more likely to have a promotion!

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