There are so many things to know about apprenticeships. Here are some of the most important bits!

1. You get paid

As an apprentice you do get paid – and although minimum wage is currently £3.90 an hour, it’s going up to £4.10 in April. And, most apprenticeships actually pay a lot more – some pay around £20,000!

2. You might not just get one qualification

Doing an apprenticeship won’t restrict you to one qualification in the subject you choose. Most employers will put you through their own qualifications and many apprenticeships promise chartered qualifications as well!

3. You’ll make friends

You will make new friends doing an apprenticeship, whether with people on your course or with colleagues at work.

4. You’ll learn new skills

An apprenticeship isn’t all about getting a qualification – you’re going to spend 80% of your week at work and learning skills on the job. Whether that’s how to answer a phone professionally or how to behave in a workplace.

5. You could get a master’s degree

Apprenticeships aren’t just for when you’ve left school. You could get an apprenticeship later in life when you’re an experienced professional or when you’re a graduate to get a masters level equivalent

6. You’ll be paid to go on holiday

As an apprentice you get the same perks as everyone else with a full-time job. This means that you’ll get paid to take annual leave to do what you like! Some Organisations give you 33 days for holiday and you get bank holidays too.

7. You will be working full time

You’ll be working at least 30 hours a week, and that includes the time that you’ll be spending doing your qualification.

8. You can be any age to do an apprenticeship

Most people think that an apprenticeship is only for those that have just left school or college but actually you can be any age to do an apprenticeship. We’ve helped people in their 60s find a job.

9. You could be chartered quicker on an Apprenticeship than going straight to University

Most degrees don’t offer chartered status alongside the qualification however with many apprenticeships you get chartered status! Most graduates have to do another qualification and pay to get that…

10. You don’t pay tuition fees

It’s mentioned a lot, but we’re going to mention it again. You don’t pay tuition fees as an apprentice. Whether that’s going to college in your 30s or doing a degree in your teens!

11. You might not even have to go to college

If you want to do an apprenticeship because you don’t want to go to college, you might not have to! You may be working towards a qualification at work with a tutor visiting you.

12. You can do more than one apprenticeship

If you do an apprenticeship in engineering that doesn’t stop, you from doing one in management or even something like marketing at the end or alter on in your life. Your options are still open!

13. Big employers hire apprentices

Apprentices aren’t just hired by local smaller employers. Some of the biggest employers in the country also hire apprentices, from the BBC to Nandos!

14. Apprenticeships could last up to five years

Most apprenticeships last between one and two years but for those where you get a degree they can last up to five!

15. You’ll get student discount

As an Apprentice, you’re a student. This means that you can apply for student discount cards to make the most of what you’re paid.

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