At GetMyFirstJob, we all want you to find the best apprenticeship for you and want you to put together the best application you can! Tess, one of our Talent Managers, has put together some top tips on common mistakes we see in applications.

There's no need to worry when you start applying to apprenticeships, we know that you may not have worked before and this is your first time going through recruitment. Here it goes, 4 common mistakes that you can easily change or make note of!

1. CV Format – Word or PDF?

When you upload your CV to GetMyFirstJob, or you email your CV to us, make sure you either upload it as a word document or PDF. This is because we need to be able to edit the document and remove your contact details if we send your CV onto employers (due to GDPR). If you send your CV over as a Note or Screenshot, we can't do this, save yourself some time!

We've had people send us pictures of their CV that they've printed out. Please send us a document that has been put together on the computer and looks professional – you want to impress an employer or training provider.

2. College attendance

A lot of people looking for an apprenticeship ask if they need to go into college or find a college to do the apprenticeship. This can put a lot of really great applicants off of the job, as college isn't for them, even if it is one day a week!

Many apprenticeships don't involve you going to college at all. Some apprenticeship providers will go into your place of work and complete training with you there; perfect if you just want to get stuck into the work environment. We really don't want you to get too stressed about the qualification part of the apprenticeship. If you have any questions, you're concerned it may be too tricky or you might not like it just ask us when we call you. We can find the best level apprenticeship for you based on your academic skills and preferred workload.

3.Organise your applications

As a recruiter, you have to manage around 150 vacancies across the country – so we can't remember what one we may have called you about! We get so many calls from candidates who are interested in an apprenticeship, but when we ask which one, they are applying for, they have no idea! I would advise getting a small notepad, or even as a note on your computer or phone and making a list of all the apprenticeships you apply for. Include the company, title of the apprenticeship, the location and when you applied.

It's also a good idea to write down the name of the recruiter you spoke to regarding the apprenticeship, as this can help when you call another time, to put you in contact with the right person. You can then cross out the unsuccessful ones or write down interview dates for others! This will make it so much easier to keep track of your applications/interviews!

4. Parents Calling!

We get a lot of parents/teachers calling on behalf of someone trying to find a job. We know it's a bit nerve-racking calling someone you don't know, but it shows so much confidence if you can do it yourself! Eventually, you will need to go for an interview and speak for yourself, so it's good to get into the habit as early as possible with the application. Once you've done it a few times; we promise it will be natural.

We want to hear from you because you know yourself better than your parents do – it's you after all! Call us yourself as you will be seen as more independent, be a better fit for the team and will need less "hand-holding", which employers will prefer.

We hope this blog has helped you with some questions you may have around your job applications. Good luck in your search!

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