Sometimes apprenticeships can be misunderstood, and it's quite an easy thing to do. This blog should help you know the difference between colleges and training providers and what that could mean for your Apprenticeship.

Do you go to college? don't you go to college?

Surprisingly, both of these are right in their own sense. 

It depends on how your apprenticeship is run and who it is delivered by. Apprenticeships can be delivered through either Training Providers or colleges, this will affect whether you go to college or receive on-the-job training. Below is a breakdown of what each will consist of and how it works. You can find out about all of the training providers and colleges and how your training will be delivered here

College Based Apprenticeships

Some apprenticeships involve you taking day/ block release to colleges or external organisations to complete the theory part of your qualification. Here you will learn the knowledge and relevant principles to gain your qualification to your apprenticeship. This could be anything from an electrical qualification to an accounting qualification to even a degree. 

Although these are sometimes exam based, they are mainly based on coursework which relates directly to your everyday work. 

Training Provider Based Apprenticeships

On the other hand, apprenticeships can also be delivered by organisations called Work-Based Training Providers, these companies allow you to complete your apprenticeship with 100% workplace experience. Your qualification and relevant practical skills will be taught and delivered in-house through on-the-job training. You will be guided and supported in actively gaining creditable evidence to build up your portfolio. You will also have coursework and exams to do, the only difference is that you'll be doing it at your desk as opposed to at college!

In Summary

Regardless of whether your apprenticeship is supported by either of the above, you will still be able to obtain a nationally recognised qualification that is accredited by an Awarding Body. With the skills and knowledge learnt throughout your course, you will then be able to develop upon these in your career.  Apprenticeships will benefit you, as they allow you to continue with your education, gaining a qualification while experiencing the working world.

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