If you are looking to boost your CV, getting some work experience will stand you in good stead to get your dream job.

A traineeship offers you that boost.

Through a traineeship, you will get work experience and also free training in functional skills such as maths, English and IT.  Leaving school or college and going straight into full time work may be a little daunting to you, so a few weeks of work experience will give you good insight into the world of work and help you gain confidence and new skills.

Having work experience on your CV will increase your employability and make you a sought-after candidate for apprenticeship jobs.

Traineeship Programmes

Traineeships normally run for around 6 weeks - 12 weeks depending on the programme, they are unpaid but the boost in your CV far outweighs the wage aspect. It could also mean that you get a higher wage in your apprenticeship job. In some cases, the free training and work experience gained from a traineeship may also give you a boost towards an apprenticeship with your placement company, so use the time to really impress, you never know where it may lead you!

Where can I find a traineeship?

In the North currently, Manchester Outsourcing have over 30 opportunities available in both Customer Services and Sales.

If you are in the Midlands based Babington have traineeship opportunities in Leicester and Nottingham and across the country.

Kaplan has opportunities in London and the South, plus there are loads more opportunities across the country on our website.

Search all traineeship opportunities and read more about what they are.

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