Have you thought about doing a degree but not sure about the cost attached? Have heard of degree apprenticeships?

There is no denying that university is great if you want to be a doctor, but degree apprenticeships provide so much more. The obvious reasons for choosing the degree apprenticeship route is that you get paid and you also get real world work experience as a fully-fledged employee of a company along with a degree at the end of the course. The number of degree apprenticeships are growing and I’m here to talk about why. At GetMyFirstJob we have heard amazing things about people doing degree apprenticeships. On ApprenticeshipStories you can read about Laura who has undertaken a Legal degree apprenticeship at a law firm. As Laura says, she "isn’t a ‘tea-maker’" she has her "own cases all of which can be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds". 

How do universities tie in with degree apprenticeships?

Universities themselves are starting to realise that degree apprenticeships are a very attractive proposition and they are only going to get more and more popular. There are at least 60 universities and other higher education institutions across England currently implementing or planning to implement degree apprenticeships for the next academic year (2017-2018). This means that degree apprenticeships will be more viable for more people across the country as more universities start to offer them. There could be a university near you that have implemented degree apprenticeships!