In an ideal world, everyone would be able to achieve at least a couple of GCSEs to help them get onto the career ladder. However, we know that isn’t the case for everyone for a variety of reasons.

Whether you were never expecting to get great GCSEs, or something happened which meant you couldn’t achieve what you wanted to get, there are still options for you. So, don’t give up, we’re here to help you find the right opportunity!

Apprenticeships are made for people who work best hands-on, learning on the job and if you struggled with GCSEs, an apprenticeship could be the best thing that suited to you. There are plenty of roles that you can apply for and you’ll get qualifications that are the equivalent to GCSEs - just make sure you look for intermediate opportunities (level 2). So, there won’t be any holding you back from developing your career further.

If you are thinking about doing an intermediate apprenticeship (level 2), you can take a Functional Skills Qualification in IT, Math’s and English whilst you are on your vocational course. These will be the same whether you’re doing Automotive and Engineering, Hair and Beauty or Childcare to Business and Marketing. You won’t miss out on those qualifications based on the course you choose to do.

If you have not taken exams or you don’t have any qualifications, some training providers may need you to sit a BKSB test. This isn’t anything to worry about, it is just a simple online test which will help the training provider understand your current understanding of English, Maths and IT so they can give you the support you need to achieve your qualification. In some cases, if you need a lot of support you may have to do a pre-apprenticeship to make sure you can achieve an intermediate apprenticeship.

There are always options available to you, so start applying for apprenticeship roles where you can really build on your skills for life!

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