One of our newest projects (with the NFDA) is Drive My Career, to help you find the best career in the automotive industry!

Drive My Career helps you find dealer groups that operate in your area and help you explore all of the opportunities that area available to you in the retail automotive industry.  What do you need to do? Enter your postcode and look at the dealer groups operating in your area and then you can get in touch directly with the dealer.

The automotive industry employs nearly 600,000 people but it’s not just engineers and mechanics like you might think there are opportunities in a range of roles.

Customer Service – Aftersales

You’d be advising, guiding and assisting people to make sure that their care gets the best care and service it needs to be reliable and safe. You could give support over the phone, face to face, via email or by live chats. You’ll be maintaining the reputation of the business.

Marketing & Digital Communication

Over a multitude of channels, you’ll be seeking and building relationships to build your brans visibility and brand awareness. You could do this both online and offline, depending on what you prefer!

Logistics & Parts Distribution

In this industry in the automotive sector you’ll be organising and implementing the operations of the business. This includes making sure there are adequate stocks for vehicle replacement parts as well as accessories. Without you, customers won’t be getting their cars!

HR & Recruitment

In HR you’ll be keeping its people aligned and ready to meet business objectives. You’ll support them through their career, giving them support and even helping onboard new staff. In HR & Recruitment you’ll be making sure the business can continue no matter what comes its way!

Vehicle Mechanic

As a vehicle mechanic you’ll be diagnosing, repairing and servicing vehicles. While you are working as a vehicle mechanic, you’ll also be gaining a range of qualifications and could do this through an apprenticeship!

IT & Web Development

Without the web and information technology infrastructure, businesses would struggle to grow and know what’s going on. Particularly in the automotive industry. You’ll have to be innovative to solve problems and help your dealer grow.


You’ll be the customers number one help. Helping them register, tax and collect their cars. By helping with these administration tasks you’ll be key to making sure everything is kept up to date.

Finance and Accounting

You’ll be helping to plan, forecast and budget for your business to help you evaluate realistic targeting. You could even be managing your own accounts and communicating the financial information throughout your dealership.


You’ll be promoting vehicles, accessories, products and services to make sure your customer gest exactly what they want. You could even start earning commission for meeting sales targets!

If any of these areas appeal to you, find a dealer using Drive My Career

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