The Easter Holidays is the best time for you to crack on and get most of your revision done ahead of exams starting next month. But recently experts have suggested spending seven hours a day to revise during Easter!

We think that 7 hours a day is a little bit outrageous, but anything will help you. So, we’ve put together some top tips on what you can do to make the most of the Easter holidays & help get the best results you can.

Use highlighters

Highlight the important parts of your revision notes so your eyes are drawn to the bits you really need to remember. 

Use Revision Cards

Use revision cards and put questions on one side and answers somewhere else. You can then get a parent or a friend to quiz you. Or, quiz yourself!

Create a timetable

If you create a timetable of the key bits you need to revise, when it gets closer to the exam you won’t need to memorise everything as the main concept will already be in your head.


Easter shouldn’t always be about revision. Spend time with your friends as well. You could try and organise a study session with your friends, so you know you don’t miss anything! Reward yourself after a long study session by planning a trip with them. 

Listen to videos online

Watching videos is a different way to allow your information to study. This can be really helpful if you’re watching a video by a teacher who has a different learning style to what you’re used to! You could find something a lot more interesting & easier to stay in your head through another method. 

Revision Guides

Order some revision guides. They cover the most important parts and give you tips to get the best grades you can.

Diagrams to make it pretty

Although you could see it as procrastinating, spending time to make your notes look nice will help you focus on what you’re writing. It also means closer to exams you can quickly look at your diagrams and it will easily sink in!

Reward yourself

When you’ve done a chapter in a textbook or a unit in the syllabus, reward yourself! Get a chocolate bar or watch an episode of a TV series (dangerous we know) but it will give you a new boost of energy. Or cause you to watch an entire series… either way! 

Practice Papers

Doing practise papers means you get used to the exam board requirements for what the ideal answers should look like. It also gives you an idea of what might come up and the areas to revise if you don’t get very good marks in a certain section of the paper.

Make your notes shorter

Once you’ve rewritten your notes, make them shorter and shorter. Until you just have key points, but you know everything else! 

If you do spend 7 hours a day revising, good on you! But I think it’s better for you to do what you feel comfortable with, if it will stress you out to do that much – don’t! You know yourself best. 

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