Fashion apprenticeships are one of the most popular ways to get into the fashion industry… With the opportunity to get experience with a fashion organisation while getting great qualifications, why wouldn’t it be?

But that doesn’t mean to say that they’re easy to find! The fashion industry is incredibly competitive, as everybody knows and so apprenticeships in fashion are too, but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there.

A fashion apprenticeship will give you experience, qualifications and a salary. Currently, there are more and more fashion apprenticeships being proposed and developed before they are allowed to be offered by various employers and training providers. However, currently you could start your career as a bespoke tailor or as a marketing assistant or designer in a fashion organisation.

What’s important if you’re looking to go into the fashion industry is it’s the people you know that will really skyrocket your career. Even if you want to go into the design world, getting a business administration apprenticeship with a successful fashion brand would get your foot in the door. If you can prove yourself, who knows what that company will support you through!

If you’re interested in finding an apprenticeship in fashion, you can find out more about the retail & commercial enterprise industry here, search or register and get talent-spotted by employers who want people like you to join their organisation!