We’ve spoken to one of our recruiters, Josh about how to fill out your GetMyFirstJob profile to give employers the best impression of you!

On the GetMyFirstJob website your profile is the first thing recruiters see when considering you for a job. This means the amount of effort you put into this will reflect the type of person you are and gives a good idea of the amount of effort you will put into your apprenticeship.

You should always strive to complete as much as the profile as you can with as much detail as possible. You can flick between the sections on the bar on the right-hand side of your profile. Below is how and why you should complete each section;

Personal Details

You need to fill in all boxes on this page with the correct phone numbers and email addresses. If you don’t put the right contact details on there, how will we get hold of you? Enter your correct DOB (date of birth), not the date that you signed up – you have to be over the age of 16 for some apprenticeships, so we want this to be right. You people know who you are!


If you do not put any information in these boxes, then you will not come up in relevant proactive searchers. This is when colleges and employers can talent-spot you for their apprenticeships! If I am looking for somebody who wants a business administration apprenticeship but need to have C’s in Maths and English, then I will search for these people with a tool that we have. You will not come up in these searches if you do not enter your details, so you are only reducing your own chances of getting an apprenticeship.

If you haven’t entered your qualifications because you haven’t done your GCSEs or are currently in the middle of you’re a-Levels. Talk to your teachers about what you’re predicted to get and change the ‘Type’ to ‘Predicted’.


This is simple. If you have a CV, upload it. If you don’t, make one and upload it. The majority of companies are digital and will request to see your CV to employers via email. We cannot do this if you haven’t uploaded it and we will only ask for it later on down the line so save yourself some time and upload it when creating your profile!

You can download our FREE CV Template through the link at the bottom of the website. You can also use the CV builder tool on the right-hand side to put together a CV based on your GetMyFirstJob profile. If you need more help writing a CV, read this blog

Career Areas of Interest

This is so we don’t have to contact you about an apprenticeship in Customer Service if you’re interested in Engineering, or Manufacturing if you want to work in Marketing. It will help us know what you want to do and contact you about apprenticeships that you want to do, so it’s better for both of us! Just enter your high interest and medium interest industries. 

Other Information 

There are 4 boxes and they need to be completed in full. This is a major issue as this is the page you can best sell your skills, experience, strengths and also tell us a bit about yourselves. If you don’t then it shows you’re not bothered about putting time and effort into your profile so why should recruiters put their time and effort into you?

A lot of the information here can be taken from your CV, or if you need a quick fix try bullet pointing at first and go back and make it more detailed in the future.

If you want more tips, we’ve got another blog here or email us and we’ll try and help you out!

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