If you are a budding car mechanic and love the automotive world there are some easy things you can do to help you get the job of your dreams.

If you are a budding car mechanic, and love the automotive world we have put together a few ideas to set you on your career to becoming a great mechanic and open up your world to lots of opportunities!

Your CV

On your cv make sure that you have a paragraph describing why you are passionate about cars and that you have a genuine interest in the Automotive world. Even if you go to car meets at the weekend, it is something to talk about! You should also write about any hobbies or interests you have with cars or any cars that you have helped repair be it for family or friends.

Make sure you put these details on your cv as part of your profile.

Driving License

Having a driving licence is a major plus for the garages. This is because many of the garages need apprentices that can pick up and deliver cars as part of the role.


Be aware they a looking for candidate that have very good practical skills and are able to listen to instruction. You also need to be a good team member as there will be lots of friendly banter with the other members of the garage team.

The garages love new and enthusiastic talent to train so if you can get that across at interview stage you then you are on your way to securing your Automotive Apprenticeship.

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