We have some fabulous Apprenticeships in Childcare and Health and Social Care but the one of issues you may have in these careers is to get your security clearance. However this applied for all apprenticeships too.

For any employer now in the UK, for eligibility to work you must show a passport or birth certificate and document with NI number on. However, if you apply for a Childcare or Health & Social Care Apprenticeship you'll be working with children, the elderly and people with disabilities so you need even more clearance. You'll need:

To be officially checked to make sure you have had no criminal convictions to be able to work in these fields.

It may be wise to make sure you have the correct documents to help you be able to step in to the career that you are looking for.

If you can have the right documents, it will boost your application and put you a step ahead of other candidates.

  • The first document would be an official birth certificate – A4 size with your parents names on the certificate.
  • A current in date passport or provisional or full driving license would be the second document needed.
  • A utility bill or document to confirm your address (not mobile phone bill)
  • 2 referees – work or personal

It is almost impossible to get your start if you do not have the documents listed. This is regardless of a security clearance, so having these documents will set you up ready for the world of work and your future career.

Some of these documents can be expensive to buy as young person, but you would do well to invest in a passport or provisional license even if you do not drive.

Maybe your parents or family member could help you obtain these and then pay them back when you get that wonderful new apprenticeship role you have been accepted for!

Good luck !

Written by Kim Francis, Talent Manager, GetMyFirstJob

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