Barney Walker, one of our Talent Managers has written us a lovely limerick to help you to prepare for the first day at work.

So you’ve got the job of your dreams 

But all is not quite as it seems

Follow these rules

And we’ll give you the tools

To fit perfectly into the team


The first tip is to show up on time

To be late is a serious crime

You might get the sack

And never come back

And be back in the job-hunting line


The next rule that I have for you

Is to make sure you polish your shoes

If you look like a scruff

Your boss will be in a huff

And they’ll say you belong in a zoo!!


Another word on your Appearance  

It’s vital to your perseverance

First impressions are key

Take it from me

Or you might make a quick disappearance


Make sure to bring your bank information

To give to your employer, it’s your obligation

If this is delayed

You cannot get paid

And that is a major frustration! 


Remember photographic ID

Give it to your employer to see

Prove who you are

And your career can go far

Even if you don’t have a degree!


National Insurance is also a must

Even if your cards covered in dust

Get rid of the murk

Bring it to work

And be seen as someone to trust


I hope my Limericks helped you

And now you have more of a clue

Of what should be done

On day number one

And with that, I bid you adieu.


*Mic drop*