Your GetMyFirstJob profile is how you showcase yourself to a potential employer. You really need to impress. Here's how!

When you apply for apprenticeships using GetMyFirstJob, employers and training providers will be looking at your GetMyFirstJob profile to shortlist you for the vacancy. This makes it even more difficult for them to know your personality – a fancy CV alone won’t bag you an interview anymore! When you’ve done everything below you’ll get a gold badge on your GetMyFirstJob profile which is a great way to impress them! 

GetMyFirstJob are here to help! Have a read of this to ensure your profile is top notch and aims to really impress training providers. Below are the areas that you’ll have to fill out on your profile – you can add as much (or as little) about yourself as you want. 

Creating A Professional Email Address

It’s probably about time that you get rid of your ‘cool kid’ email address and create a professional new email for job hunting. By using your name rather than slang or something you once found funny, you will come across more serious, and they will take you as such. For example, sounds like a better candidate than does. This would just get you the attention from employers that you don't really want!

Your Education

In the education section, you can put all of the qualifications you have to date, this also includes other things you might have done like NCS. If you haven’t got them yet, you can put grades as pending which means these are what your teachers predict you will be getting. 

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