We have worked with our recruitment apprentice, Owen Spencer to put together some top tips to help you get the apprenticeship you're after.

There are some phrases that we hear a lot at GetMyFirstJob and unfortunately one of the most common one is this; "I'm applying for loads of apprenticeships but not getting anything".

Unfortunately, this often is the case when applying for any job, not just apprenticeships. However, there is no need to be dishearterened, we will find you your dream opportunity! When you leave school or college it can be daunting to think about what your next big step in the world will be. As time goes by, it can feel as though the pressure is building, and you might make rash decisions such as frantically clicking the "Apply" button for every opportunity, in desperation to find an apprenticeship. But this isn't always the best way.

Although you may think the more roles you put yourself forward for the more likely you are to be successful but this isn't always the case. If you have not read the particulars of the apprenticeship and do not understand what it entails, our recruiters can tell. You may be better off by looking through fewer adverts, to ensure you have a strong understanding of the apprenticeship, so that you know if it something that you really want to do. Make sure that you read the daily duties, future prospects and employer description. If you have read these sections and have a sound understanding of the role, it gives a better impression and implies you are truly interested in the opportunity.

By applying for roles you are interested in, have experience or knowledge about is more beneficial as we can speak with you about this, or we can make alternative suggestions if we think you're better suited to something else.

Making your GetMyFirstJob Profile relevant to the role you have applied for will also make your application stand out. Filling out your profile well, with sector / job-related information (if you have some) will indicate to recruiters you know what you have applied for and you have that knowledge and understanding already. If you do not have the experience, this is not a major issue. Having just finished your studies, we are not expecting you to have years of job-specific experience – knowledge, understanding and passion for the industry is just as crucial.

If you're looking for some quick tips, here are some when applying to apprenticeships

  • Read the advert and understand what you have applied for.
  • Have a reason why you are interested in the role; why did you apply?
  • Think of examples of how your past experiences can relate to the role you applied for.
  • Check the distance of the apprenticeship – can you get there? If so, how?
  • The Recruiters at GetMyfirstJob work together and we try our best to make applying for apprenticeship roles as easy and comfortable as we can for you. We are here to help and want to help you take your first step in your career.

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