31 Days. 31 Brands. 31 Opportunities. We're starting with Mercedes-Benz - but what do their apprenticeship programmes offer you?

Mercedes Benz have had over 1,500 apprentices graduate from their apprenticeship schemes. They have also recently had an investment of £3 million which has built a brand-new training centre, with state-of-the-art facilities at Milton Keynes.

With the apprenticeship schemes, you will get the opportunity to go to the academy, staying in your own room at a local hotel. Entertainment is provided - which can include games nights, team building and even karting can be offered to you, as a Mercedes Benz apprentice! You will also have breakfast and dinner provided by the hotel and a selction of lunch options at the training centre.

70% of the apprentices at Mercedes stay with their Dealer after 10 years. So, you’ll have many opportunities to continue your career within Mercedes Benz – let’s see where they can take you.

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