As an apprentice, money is very important. Everyone knows that apprenticeship wage is considerably less than an employee not on an apprenticeship scheme, but there is good news! Apprenticeship wage has increased!

Every year, in April the Apprenticeship Minimum wage increases; it is now £3.70 an hour! Over a year, if you’re working 37.5 hours a week, this could get you an additional £360 every year. We’ve put some ideas together on how you could spend this dollar $$$.

Reading Festival - £205 (+ spending money)

A city Break for 3  - £120

A ‘lads’ or ‘ladies’ holiday - £300 per person (+ spending money)

New wardrobe- ASOS!

You could get a different on Maccies saver menu every day for a year

Brand new TV ( Currys – 43” Smart TV

PS4 & FIFA 18 - £279.99

Gucci iPhone 7 phonecase - £315

MakeUp Bag - £360


Bike - £30

If you don’t think you’re currently on this or you think you should be earning more click here to read further Government information.