Music is an industry where experience is far more important than academic qualifications, but knowledge is necessary. So, an apprenticeship is the perfect answer?

A music apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to get recognised qualifications as well as get experience in the music industry. You’ll even be getting a wage while you’re working and not getting the debt you would get if you went to University as a full-time study!

An apprenticeship in music will be a great opportunity for you to start your career in the industry, but opportunities can be hard to find. But this is because any kind of opportunity in the music industry can be hard to find! Lots of big record companies including universal music UK, Domino Records and Ninja Tune, as well as talent agencies and PR companies offer apprenticeship schemes in the music industry.

You could be doing anything from international promotions, communications, music publishing, marketing and business administration. You can also work as a music assistant or digital media apprentice. It’s important to learn it’s the connections you make, not where you start that will really help you in this industry.

BRITs Apprenticeship Scheme

One of the best music apprenticeship opportunities is the BRITs apprenticeship scheme. This is a new apprenticeship scheme created by the BPI and funded by the BRIT awards which allows talented young people like you to start your career in the music industry. In January 2018, they hired 10 young people to work at a top independent record label or music company to start they career.

Currently all vacancies are filled but check back using this link to see if there are new opportunities.

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