It’s National Apprenticeship Week and we along with many others are excited to be championing apprentices all around the UK!

Apprenticeships are a great way to develop your skills, meet new people and help you on the way to an exciting future career path. 

Here are 4 reasons we think choosing an apprenticeship is a great choice…

1.       Earn while you learn.

No student debt and no fees. All of your education and training will be paid for and you will receive a wage.

            “With an apprenticeship, I could get vital market experience while being paid, is the best decision I’ve made about my career.

 Freddie – Level 6 Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship - BT

2.       Gain experience.

As you study you’ll be able to put into practice everything you are learning, gaining on-the-job experience.

“I preferred on-the-job learning; however, I still wanted that professional degree. An Apprenticeship route is a perfect mix!”

Hollie – Level 6 (degree) apprenticeship BT

3.       Transferable skills

You’ll be working alongside experienced staff who will help you develop professionally and personally.

     “I would definitely recommend to anyone who is considering an apprenticeship to jump at the opportunity and be willing to get involved I different things within your day-to-day role as far as possible."

 Amy – Higher Level 7 Legal Apprentice Jisc

4.       So many careers to choose from

From space technician to lawyer to cyber security, there are so many options for you to choose. The list of available apprenticeship career paths is ever-expanding. Even a medical doctor apprenticeship is becoming available later this year!

              “I forgot I even had the university place as I was enjoying my apprenticeship so much! Needless to say, I withdrew from my place at uni and I have no regrets. " 
Doug – Level 6 (Higher) apprenticeship -  Vodaphone


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