What we do really matters. We’re changing lives for the better. Find out the impact we made in 2020.

What we do really matters. We’re changing lives for the better. We want to help everyone on the route to independence, the career ladder, and professional fulfilment, no matter their background, ethnicity, (dis)ability, social class, or gender.

We give young people across the UK information, guidance, and access to resources at the start of their career journeys, so they are able to make informed choices. The stories we tell and the advice we offer break pre-conceptions and stereotypes to help young people make informed decisions about the opportunities available to them. This also includes considering how the world of work will change, in both the near and distant future, to ensure everyone has the best opportunity to choose a future-proof career.

Young people are being disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 lockdown and job losses, particularly those from minorities and the more deprived areas of society. This is why our vision is more important now than ever before:

Our vision is a world where young people from every background are inspired to connect with insight, development and employers which are right for them.

Download our Impact Report below to find out about the impact we made in 2020 alongside a group of like-minded organisations.

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