We've got a brand new assessment for you to do to show employers what you're made of.

Getting a job is difficult, and getting your first job is even more difficult! You have little experience, so you might not know the expectations employers have of you. This means you might struggle more when writing your CV or trying to answer interview questions.

When you start a job, you'll learn new skills and knowledge that are needed for that job. If you want to work in business administration, you'll need to learn new computer programmes and if you want to learn work in engineering you'll need to learn how to use new tools. But that's not all, your new employer will expect you to have other capabilities.

This assessment will help you understand how you'll behave in a job. It will also help you know what your strengths are and what you might need to improve on. This will be particularly helpful when you have an interview and you're asked what your strengths and weaknesses are.

How People Fit works

All you need to do is go onto your GetMyFirstJob profile and choose "My learning" and answer the questions on there. This assessment has been designed by people who run businesses, who hire young people and by occupational psychologists (who are specialists in working out how people are likely to behave in certain situations). They have worked together to identify what those core capabilities are that you are likely to need in any job.

Have you got 10 minutes to spare? Take your People Fit assessment now so you make stand out from the virtual crowd.

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