I have just about recovered from my 4:30am start earlier this week to get to London in time for 8am to start our first EmergingTalent roundtable.

I was lucky enough to be invited along where we bring together key figureheads in the industry to discuss the future of apprenticeships and the legacy the apprenticeship levy will have created in 5 to 10 years’ time after its introduction in April 2017. This was a fantastic opportunity for me as there were some key people in the sector attending, for example, Euan Blair founder and CEO of WhiteHat, Andy Durman Managing Director of Emsi UK and Ian Grant UK Apprenticeship Manager at Amazon UK to name but a few.

Upon everyone arriving we started discussions, kicking off with a 10-minute talk by Andy Durman on what’s happening at a local level with regards to jobs. Andy, who is an ex-economist wanted to stress that the government and businesses should be tailoring apprenticeship schemes to different regional economies rather than on a national basis. This is to get the best possible candidates in that area and to make it easier for the apprentice and their employer.

This was interesting because the government said they want 3 million apprentices in employment by 2020, this is a huge feat and each region of the country needs to focus on the industries that they have the infrastructure for.

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