It's time to start ploughing the internet for vacancies you are interested in. There are lots of great job board sites online, so make sure you sign up to as many as you can.

By registering at GetMyFirstJob you can search for Apprenticeship positions but, more importantly, apprenticeship providers can match you to their brand-new vacancies in your area…which means you don't need to logon and search for positions every day! Hallelujah. 

Once registered on GetMyFirstJob, you can start searching and applying for jobs, or simply wait to be contacted by Training Providers.

How do I search for job vacancies?

If you go onto the main GetMyFirstJob homepage, you will see a section where you can put your areas of interest in, as well as your postcode. This is the easiest way to find apprenticeships near you. Everywhere else on GetMyFirstJob, there is an orange tab on the right hand side that you can click on. Fill in your details on here for a more detailed search.

If you want to show your interest in certain vacancies, follow our top tips for searching for jobs:

Search for jobs you can travel to easily.

You will be getting an Apprenticeship wage (typically £2.68 per hour) so you don't want to spend your entire weekly wage on travel expenses. Check your local transport facilities, and then search by mileage for jobs you can get to.

Apply for lots of jobs

GetMyFirstJob allows you to apply for as many Apprenticeship vacancies as you need but make sure they are what you are interested in - the site allows you to search by different frameworks and see which jobs sound interesting to you.

Don't let the vacancy status put you off!

If it's a 'pending' vacancy, this hasn't been filled yet which means the provider is still looking for the right candidate - this could be you! Ignore the date posted. Some Apprenticeship vacancies are looking for a specific candidate which means that some jobs have been advertised for a few weeks.

Feel free to apply for older vacancies as well as new because you may be the Apprentice they are looking for.

Keep notes

Make a note of the Training Provider's name and contact details from the right-hand side of the advertisement. This way, you can contact them to check your application status and, more importantly, ask questions to show further interest in the job.

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