Weve joined up with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, meaning we have some exciting new apprenticeship vacancies (link to rolls-royce page on our site) that may interest you! If you want to find out what its like to be a Rolls-Royce apprentice then read Aislings story below.

We've joined up with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, meaning we have some exciting new apprenticeship vacancies that may interest you! There are a range of apprenticeships available ranging from Business Administration roles through to Paint Shop Operators. If you want to find out what it’s like to be a Rolls Royce Motor Cars apprentice, then read the stories below on how it is helping build their careers!

Tobie, Engineering Apprentice

Tobie's Engineering Apprenticeship has given him world class training he needed to take him from working in a newsagent to a crucial role in the world’s pre-eminent super-luxury automotive brand. As a Parts Quality Technician he’s been involved in the pre-series production and development, and subsequent launch, of both Wraith and Dawn. Like many Apprentices, Tobie was inspired to apply by a friend who was already being given world class training on the programme to build his career.

Friendship has been a key part of Tobie overcoming his biggest challenge, which was to develop his professional communication skills. He’s achieved it by being ‘buddied up’ with various colleagues to see how they handle and respond to different situations. Such as Tobie’s new-found confidence, he’s now looking to progress to a Quality Technician role, then continue with his studies with a view to becoming a Quality Engineer.

Sophie, Technical Assembly Apprentice

Until 2015, Sophie was serving in the police, but while she found it a good experience, it wasn't where her passion lay. She’d always had an interest in cars and engineering: The Apprenticeship programme has given her the training and support to work in a field she thought was beyond her reach.

She was able to start a career by building Rolls-Royce Motor Cars' iconic 6.75-litre V12 engines – a daunting and highly responsible first job, and quite a change from working on the 1.8 in her MX-5. Although Sophie’s Apprenticeship is specifically within Technical Assembly, it includes placements throughout the company, so she gets an idea of how the wider business operates. On top of that she has attended a team-building event in North Devon and visited the BMW plant at Swindon, she also has a trip booked to meet colleagues in Munich.

Though still in her first year, Sophie already has hopes to start a career with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars after she completes the programme: her ideal job would be an Operations Manager within Technical Assembly.

Aisling, Wood-shop Apprentice

Aisling took woodwork as part of her GCSE in Resistant Materials which Aisling most enjoyed. After leaving school, she visited Chichester College to find out about its Furniture Making & Design course. While she was there, she asked about apprenticeships, heard about Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, and immediately made a start towards her career by applying.

Ironically, working the world’s leading luxury car company, Aisling doesn't drive yet. Her boss encouraged her to join the company’s lift-sharing scheme, making life easier both for her and her dad. Initially, she also struggled with the early mornings, so Rolls-Royce Motor Cars staggered her start times to help her get acclimatised. From the outset, she’s been fascinated to observe how simple materials are turned into beautiful, intricate parts that fit so precisely and elegantly into the hand-crafted cars.

She’s already decided that she wants to stay at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars once her Apprenticeship finishes – and work her way up as high as she can go!

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