It’s great to see that you want to support your students with apprenticeships. You don’t have to be a careers advisor to be knowledgeable. Students could ask any of their teachers for advice on what to do after school, university and apprenticeships.

There are lots of different ways that you can support students with apprenticeships. We’ve outlined a few different things that you could do to help them out, but if you’re in need of more information or want your students to talk to someone with recruitment experience, just email us ( or message us on Twitter or Facebook. It’s difficult to know what teachers should know about apprenticeships but, this should be a good start.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a vocational way into a career. An apprenticeship could be taken after school or after college, as an alternative to college or university. It is a great way for someone to start their career by getting a job they enjoy, relevant work experience and additional professional qualifications. An apprentice is treated as any other employee; however, they get also get paid to spend 20% of their time learning. 

To find out more on what apprenticeships are, click here.

How to apply for an apprenticeship

Applying for an apprenticeship couldn’t be easier with the help of GetMyFirstJob. It takes 10 minutes for someone to register, and once they have they can apply for vacancies near them with one click. You can search (LINK) for vacancies by interest and postcode and in the meantime, training providers and employers could talent spot your students and ask you for an interview!

Get your students to register & find opportunities by following this link: 

What apprenticeships are available

There are thousands of apprenticeships available, from hairdressing to digital technology solutions. Almost any career you can think of there is an apprenticeship available. You can even get apprenticeships to be a nurse or to work in the police now!

There are apprenticeships in loads of different industries. See what’s available in specific industries on our Industry page.

Levels of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are no longer just for people coming out of school with lower level qualifications. Although it’s a great opportunity for those looking for Level 2 or Level 3 qualifications, you can get degree and masters level apprenticeships now! So, whether you’ve got a student who doesn’t think they’ll get the qualifications to get into the college course they want, or a student who is on track to go to Oxbridge, there is an apprenticeship for them. 

Find out about advanced apprenticeships, higher and degree apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship Wages

Apprenticeship wages are renowned for not being the best in the world. It is currently only £3.50 an hour, increasing to £3.70 an hour in April 2018. Apprentices do deserve more considering it is a normal wage, but it is a good starting salary to have as a bonus whilst studying! With this said, some degree apprenticeships can pay more than £20,000 now! That’s more than most graduate jobs….

What are apprenticeships like?

Apprenticeships can be difficult to explain, and unless you know somebody doing an apprenticeship, you might not see their full value. So, we’ve managed to speak to lots of different people doing an apprenticeship, so you can see a glimpse of what they’re all about

If you want to know more about apprenticeships, register to GetMyFirstJob as a careers advisor and receive information from us about how you can help. You can also request careers information.

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