With your apprenticeship wage, it's time to get yourself onto a great City Break!

You’re in denial if you don’t know that one of the main benefits of apprenticeships is the fact that you are paid to learn and become qualified in your favourite industry! 🔥🔥🔥

We have previously written about how to manage your money, but it is also great to treat yourself! I’ve travelled quite a bit since I started my apprenticeship, I’ve been to Amsterdam and I’m about to go to Milan. Last year I went to Prague and Zurich. You can reward yourself for all your hard work. Like me, you can also choose to save money. If you want to travel, here’s my Top 10 most affordable City Breaks – you might be surprised!

 Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the cheapest places to book up now due to its popularity and it is very well priced once you are there. Almost every person you bump into is a tourist which means that if you want to do something, like go on a canal cruise, there will always be another company that does it cheaper.  It is a beautiful city with canals running throughout – watch out you don’t fall in one of them! There was an unfortunate man who did fall in when I visited last year, in December – it must have been so cold! It is a place that you can go to be cultured, with plenty of museums but also you can relax along the canal. Of course, who would go to Amsterdam without having a walk around the Red-Light District! That’s one that you won’t forget! 

Milan – Italy

Although the flights to get to Milan aren’t the cheapest, accommodation is well priced and it is reasonably well priced whilst you are there. Milan is Italy’s capital for fashion and has plenty of gorgeous restaurants – treat yourself when you’re there!  Milan has a very gothic feel, with a beautiful cathedral standing proud in the centre of the City. A brilliant destination for anyone interested in photography. Also, to anyone interested in shopping, Milan is perfect for you, with a massive shopping centre, it’s a great place to have a look around the shops. Although, it is incredibly expensive so you may have a wait a few years before getting the Jacket that you so desperately want! You could even capture a glimpse of da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” while you’re there!

Prague – Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most affordable City Breaks that I have been on. Not only are flights cheap, but accommodation is cheap, and food is even cheaper. How does this sound – going away with a friend for 3 days and the whole break for both of you coming to a minimal £250!! That includes staying in a 5* hotel with his & hers sinks!  Prague is a city with poise, but also a very fun side! There are plenty or bars around, but due to the nature of the city, every street you walk down reminds you of where you are – it is a must for any traveller! Much like Amsterdam, Prague is full of tourists which means that to get a great experience. They even offer Segway tours around the city! Just a tip; it pays of to be an early bird and have a walk around the city before the City awakens!