A phone interview is inevitable, you'll almost definitely have one at some point in your career.

A telephone interview is a great opportunity for a recruiter, employer or training to get to know you before we consider you for an apprenticeship role.

The questions we ask are used to get to know you and your suitability for a role. They're not trick questions, we're just trying to learn more about you that we can't get from just looking at your online profile. Below are examples of the kinds of questions we could ask you. I've even had chats with everyone else I work with, and we've come up with some ideal answers that we listen for from a strong candidate - but make them you're own. We'll know if they're exactly what we've said here! 

“If you have a lot of jobs to complete and not a lot of time, how do you make sure you get them all completed?”

-    Prioritise 
-    Time Management 
-    Order of importance 
-    Check Lists 

“If you were given a task to complete that you didn’t understand what would your actions be?” 

‘I would approach the person who set me the task (ie, manager or work buddy) and ask them to clarify the task or provide me with more information’

“Tell me about a goal you have set yourself in the past, one that you have been able to achieve, and also how you achieved it”

This question is an opportunity for you to give us a bit of personal information and allow us an insight as to the type of person you are. Examples could be: attending the gym and losing weight, achieving a certain grade in some exams, or winning a competition in your sporting hobby. 

“Tell me about a time where you have gone over and above to help someone” 

‘I helped my friend or class-mate by teaching them a topic they struggled with and we revised together to pass the upcoming exam’ 

“If you were in a team and there was someone in that team you didn’t get on with; how would you cope in this situation?” 

-    Remain professional 
-    Don’t let it affect my work 
-    Remain civil 
-    Politely attempt to resolve any conflict 

“What do you think the most challenging part of this apprenticeship will be and how would you overcome this challenge?” 

‘I think the most challenging part of this apprenticeship will be: learning the job, settling into a new environment, fitting in a team, completing the role and the apprenticeship work.”

So, hopefully that gives you a better idea of what an ideal phone interview would be like. It's just your chance to really letting us know more about you! Check out some more resources that may aid you in your job hunt!

Even though down there 👇 , it says Jenny wrote this, she didn't. Owen Spencer, our Recruitment Apprentice did! 👏👏👏

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