University is great for the lifestyle, but if you just want the degree and work experience, a degree apprenticeship might be better for you.

Degree Apprenticeships are a really good alternative to going to University if you don’t think it’s going to be for you. You can get degree apprenticeships in lots of different frameworks, but here are 10 degree apprenticeships that will be coming back around for applications in September 2018! You’ll have to keep an eye out on the ones that you really think sound good – we’re not sure when applications open for some of them, as they can change.

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Pearson College London Business Management Apprenticeship

Pearson College London offer degree apprenticeships in Business Management. They offer a range of programmes including the Pearson apprenticeship, L’Oreal Degree Apprenticeship and the Rotational Degree Apprenticeship programme. Through these apprenticeship schemes you spend 1 day a week getting a BA(Hons) degree validated by the University of Kent and the rest of your time is spent with your home company.

This is a great opportunity if you are interested in studying Business Management particularly because there are placements from Data Analysts, to marketing and logistics teams – so there is a lot you could be doing! If you’re interested in this, applications are taken on for different programmes in different parts of the year however you can join a vacancy alerts email list to find out more.

BBC Business Management Degree Apprenticeship

Through the BBC’s apprenticeship scheme, you get paid an annual salary of £17,015 while studying a Business Management degree as well as a Higher Apprenticeship in Leadership and Management. Through the scheme you get to rotate between 3 different placements at the BBC.

To get onto this apprenticeship will build up your CV immensely. To be accepted onto this apprenticeship, you should not currently hold a degree however you should be passionate to develop a career in business within the creative industry. As long as you can work off of your own initiative – this could be for you!

Currently applications for the BBC apprenticeship scheme is closed however applications are likely to reopen in the new year.

Visa Europe Digital & Technology Degree Apprenticeship

This Degree Apprenticeship through Visa Europe will mean you spend 2 years rotating around the business, while the third and fourth years are spent in specialist areas. So, you are able to experience challenging and exciting areas within the business. Through this you gain a BSc Hons degree as well as work experience with one of the most recognisable global brands around. You’ll be on a starting salary of £18.5k with the potential for an annual performance related bonus as well as 25 days holiday and a corporate gym membership!

Tom is currently on the Visa Europe Digital & Technology Degree Apprenticeship. We spoke to him about his experience as an apprentice with Visa.

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Visa Europe also offer apprenticeships in Chartered Management as well as Finance. Applications for these apprenticeships are currently closed.

Nestle Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship

Nestle are another global company who offer degree apprenticeships, in fact – they are the world’s largest food manufacturing company! If you have 104 UCAS points (2017 system) or 260 UCAS points (2016 and previous) you could be perfect for this opportunity, if you’re interested in a career in the food and drink industry that is.

You will get a BA(Hons) degree from Sheffield Hallam University as well as a lot of experience from working in the company itself. You will also get a salary of £16K (York) and £17K (Gatwick) as well as a lot of other benefits – including your tuition fees being fully paid for.

You get the opportunity to rate between four of the commercial teams includes HR, Sales, marketing and Supply chain.

PwC Computer Science Degree Apprenticeship

This four-year course through PwC has been developed in partnership with University of Birmingham and the University of Leeds. This is a very competitive course and as you’d be getting a degree from very prestigious Universities, it is challenging to get in. For this apprenticeship, you will need at least AAA with an A in Mathematics from three A-levels so time to get your revising cap on!

If you get a 2:1 in your degree apprenticeship, you’ll even secure a future with the company. You still get the university lifestyle living in university accommodation while getting a flying start to your career in Technology.

CILex Law School Solicitor Degree Apprenticeship

Study with CILex Law school and The City Law School to gain a Solicitor apprenticeship across Twickenham and Cardiff! You’ll get to spend time in both England and Wales but you’ll have to apply soon as Applications need to be submitted by 27th October 2017!

With this 6-year apprenticeship scheme, you’ll get support and guidance as well as study leave when you need to prepare for the examinations that you’ll be expected to sit throughout the duration of the apprenticeship. The entry requirements required for this are A-Levels at ABB grades.

Isomerase Therapeutics Laboratory Degree Apprenticeship

This is a really interesting vacancy that will definitely be worth looking into if you’re interested in chemistry. You’ll get to be involved in the usual cleaning of chemical equipment, prepare the shake flasks, gel electrophoresis, restriction enzyme free cloning and ever PCR!

Not only will you get this valuable experience from working with a drug discovery and development company working in bespoke biosynthetic engineering, but you’ll also gain a Foundation Degree or Bachelor’s degree from the University of Kent.

Unfortunately, applications for 2017 entry closed on the 23rd August. We’ll make sure we keep our eyes open for when the vacancies reopen for September 2018 entry!

BPP Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship

You could get a role within a company such as IBM, BT Group Network Rail, Ford, John Lewis or even Fujitsu working as an IT consultant, business analyst, network engineer or cyber security analyst! You can also progress your Digital and Technology Solutions Degree to have project management modules too!

For this apprenticeship programme, you’ll need a minimum of 104 UCAS points or a level 3 apprenticeship qualification. You know what that means? If you did a level 3 apprenticeship in an IT discipline and you’re looking for your next challenge, this could be for you!

Electronic and Electrical Engineering Degree Apprenticeship

You could be earning £18,000 on your first year of training with Lubrizol while studying towards an Embedded Electronic Systems Design or Development Engineer Degree with Nottingham Trent University. You’ll spend time doing day release with some Summer school as well during your apprenticeship lasting 39 months.

If you have ABB in you’re a-Levels including Mathematics and a science, technical or engineering subject or even a BTEC Extended Diploma, a Level 3 apprenticeship in Electrical engineer of 128 UCAS points you can apply for this apprenticeship! You’ll be involved with supporting the medical testing departments, maintenance as well as suggesting possible areas for improvement.

Jaguar Land Rover Finance and Accounting Degree Apprenticeship

Now, we’re not saying we’ve saved the best till last however the fact you could be earning over £36,000 a year on completion of the programme and starting on £18,500 is pretty amazing. You’ll gain a BSc in Accounting & Finance and a full CIMA Chartered accountancy qualification.

You’ll be involved in diverse roles such as Marketing Sales, Finance, Tax and Accounts Payable so you’ll get to grow your finance and commercial skills as well as improving your analytical abilities. Got 280 UCAS points one of which a B in a numerical or business-related subject? Then you should definitely have a look.

Lots of new degree apprenticeships are likely to be made over the next year. Keep an eye out – if we see any we’ll let you know. So, follow us on social media for updates!

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