Traineeships are something that you may have heard of but not really know much about. Barney Walker, one of our Talent Manager's explores what they're all about.

What’s the difference between an Apprenticeship and a Traineeship? 

A Traineeship is often referred to as a “Pre-Apprenticeship”. It gives you the opportunity to spend a minimum of 6 weeks working with an employer while gaining qualifcations relevant to the job. It is an extremely useful tool for helping you find an Apprenticeship or even full-time employment!

Why is it such a useful tool?

Traineeships offer you an amazing opportunity to gain valuable on the job experience. This experience is one of the main things an employer looks for when hiring! This work experience allows you to gain real-life work skills which you can transfer to any role, whether it be dealing with customers, administration responsibilities, showing you can achieve tasks as part of a team or even proving your punctuality and reliability.

Not only Is it a great chance to gain skills which employers look for when hiring; but, it’s also a great chance to receive some help for applying for roles! Many traineeships will offer the chance to go to a learning centre where you will be helped by experienced staff. They can help you figure out what you would like to do, help you apply for apprenticeships and can help you apply for full-time employment. 

What about my qualifications?

Another thing that may be hindering you from getting an apprenticeship is if you don’t have English or Maths qualifications. Traineeships are also a great way of gaining these qualifications, up to functional skills Level 2 in both English and Maths – For Free!

It’s a great way to gain you qualifications free of charge, which is essential for getting that dream apprenticeship. 

How will I afford to get to work if I don’t get paid? 

This is one thing that can put many people off of Traineeships, but you should enquire more about this before you reject it! Many Traineeships offer lots of great support to help you begin your journey into the working world. There are possibilities for travel funds to reimburse you for your travel costs, some Traineeships also offer Bursaries for eligible individuals to help support you whilst you gain your experience.

What if I get offered an Apprenticeship whilst I’m on the Traineeship? 

That’s fine! There is no obligation to stay in many Traineeships and you will not be tied-in! Traineeships are fundamentally to help you on your career and can be completed as quickly as you feel possible. Whether you need functional skills, just one, or have them and just need some experience – all these things can be factors on how long you want to stay in the Traineeship. 

In conclusion…

Traineeships should be viewed as a first step in your working Journey, do not think of it as a short-term work experience. Think of it as the opportunity to gain experience, the opportunity to gain qualifications and the opportunity to progress onto a long and successful career. 

Written by Barney Walker, Talent Manager, GetMyFirstJob