University isn't for everyone, and there is nothing wrong with that. But what options do you have?

So, you’ve tried university and found that it just wasn’t for you, that’s ok - 1 in 10 university students decide to drop out in their first year for several different reasons; this could be for family and health issues, family problems, financing or just plain and simple, you’re not enjoying it.

We are talking about what to do next and how you can build your confidence back up to do and get to where you want to be through a different route. We know it sounds cheesy but there is so much opportunity out there, just because university hasn’t worked out doesn’t mean you should give up hope! According to the Telegraph a survey of 1,200 first-year students in January indicated that 28 per cent had either dropped out following the Christmas break or were seriously thinking about it. So, for those of you considering a different option, what could you do?