Life can get complicated sometimes. Our journey can take us down paths we weren’t expecting. But our past choices don’t have to determine our future ones.


Helping people is at the heart of GetMyFirstJob and when Nile reached out to us, we were moved by his inspirational story of determination as he takes the next steps into a bright new future.  

Reaching Out 

Nile approached us as someone who is deeply passionate about all things cooking. Since his early childhood, he’s nurtured a love of experimenting with new flavours, fusing cultural influences and developing his self-taught skills. With these skills in hand, Nile reached out to us looking for an opportunity. Through our partnership with the team at HIT, we felt able to help. 

Where It Began 

After being placed into care at an early age and often moving around the country, Nile didn’t have the chance to form important bonds with peers or role models. This had a significant impact on his education and qualification outcomes.  

At the age of 23, living a life surrounded by crime, Nile found his journey placing him in prison for four years. However, due to good behaviour, he was released after two. 

While sharing his remorse for the past and the journey so far, he also spoke about his desire to pursue a positive and successful path and strive to achieve his goals. 

Your Past Doesn’t Determine Your Future 

During the detention, Nile took time to reflect on his actions, taking important steps to better himself and his life. After taking a horticulture course, which he thoroughly enjoyed, and graduating with a level 2 qualifications, he took additional construction training.  

 Turning his life around, Nile has worked extremely hard to gain experience and professional qualifications through night classes and working with the Shaw Trust.  

“I am doing my best to improve my life and make a success of it and help people along the way” 

 Although determined to pursue his dream of becoming a chef, without prior professional experience, the search for the right opportunity was proving to be a difficult one. 

A New Start...

We were able to assist Nile in delivering a strong CV and cover letter and explore a variety of employers who could provide him with a platform to launch his career.  With these efforts, Nile was placed in front of an excellent employer who offered the opportunity to pursue a level 2 Commis Chef qualification. He was immediately offered an interview, followed by a very successful trial.  Nile is now excitingly pursuing his dream of becoming a chef and we couldn’t be happier for him!  

If you need help taking the next steps into your dream career then we are here to help.  

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