It's that time of year again - it's the UCAS deadline!

When is the UCAS Deadline?

Your UCAS Application to your chosen universities and colleges for 2018 entry needs to be submitted to UCAS extra in January 2018 at 18 00 uk time. The 15 January deadline is there so you get equal consideration for all applications recieved for a course, however some universities accept late applications all of the way to September. However if you applied for oxford and cambridge, courses in medicine or veterinary medicine science your application should have been submitted by 15 October 2017.

What does the UCAS deadline mean?

It means that everyone who applies by that date gets equal consideration for a University place. Basically, you need to get your skates on and make sure you apply by this date, so Universities take your application seriously and know what you want.

What happens if I miss the UCAS deadline?

Some Universities still accept applications after this date, however your application may not be given the same consideration, or not even considered at all…

I think I’m going to miss the deadline… What are my other options?

It doesn’t mean that University is out of your reach. If you missed the deadline because of extenuating circumstances, it could be worth calling the admissions departments of the universities you want to apply to and explain the situation. Or sending them your personal statement and predicted grades. But there are other options available to you – including hundreds of apprenticeships.

Whether it’s an advanced, higher or degree apprenticeship they’re all valuable options. Advanced apprenticeships will give you great experience, and with higher & degree apprenticeships you can still get a qualification the same level as degree! This means that you’ll get a degree for free, and experience – what more could an employer ask for?