Getting your first house is exciting. But who helps you get your first house? A mortgage advisor - this is what they do.

Getting on the property ladder is one of the biggest and most challenging changes in a person's life – and a mortgage advisor will help assist buyers through the process. Working in the customer's best interest, a mortgage advisor will help find the best mortgage based on the customer’s situation and advise them through the process from start to finish. Working in this rewarding role will give you the chance to help people purchase their dream home.

The Mortgage Adviser role is ideally suited to you, if you have an interest in finance, although it requires a certain skill set:

People and communication skills

Strong communication skills are very important in this role. Understanding the exact requirements of the customer so you can advise them on being able to complete a mortgage application. This is a complex document with lots of detail, so it’s important for the mortgage advisor to give the customer the advice they need. Customers should feel comfortable contacting you if they have any issues or questions; which they certainly will!

A mortgage advisor should be will often receive emails, calls, and texts from customers about their applications. In this role, you will also be liaising with lawyers, conveyancers, and estate agents on a daily basis to tie up any loose ends so the ability to speak to people on all levels will serve you well.


To help the customer make a decision that will suit their needs requires both leadership and self-confidence. This is largely down to both your understanding of how much money they can borrow, and how you will explain your findings to the customer. Both your confidence and understanding of the process will grow with experience in the role. Your strong people skills will also be a key influencer in making sure that customers walk away with a house and mortgage right for them.


There is no set mortgage for everyone. Every customer will have different requirements so being able to understand what their needs are is important. Therefore, some cases may need more guidance and help than others. Buying a house is an important purchase so it’s important to understand what works for the customer in order to make the most accurate decision possible.

Analysis skills

As a mortgage advisor, the small details can make the difference. You will need to ensure your calculations are accurate. Being able to work with numbers and have a great attention to detail are very important aspects of the role. You will need to work out how much money to lend based on the customer’s income, the length of the mortgage, and the deposit that was given.

A skilled, accurate advisor will be able to fully support customers on their way to securing their dream home.

This blog was written by Babington Group.

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