Choosing to do an apprenticeship is just as important as choosing to go to College or University. So why should you choose one?

There are so many reasons why you should choose an apprenticeship. You may be torn between choosing to go to College/University or to do an apprenticeship. You could even be looking at an alternative option in case you don't receive the result you're expecting to get, so here’s why you should consider an apprenticeship.

What are my options?

You have a lot of options if you’re looking at alternative routes into your career. From doing a gap year, going to University or even going into full time employment or doing an apprenticeship, it’s important to consider all of these options. Don’t be limited in what career you choose – did you can get an apprenticeship in over 170 industries!  

Earn while you learn

An apprenticeship is simply earning while you learn. The typical question is “How much can I earn as an apprentice?” An apprenticeships minimum wage is £3.50 an hour but, some degree apprentices’ can earn up to £22,000 a year! This compared to an average graduate salary which is around £18,000 – is brilliant! You could potentially be earning more in your first year as a college leaver than a graduate does! 

Achieve valuable skills

The qualifications you earn from an apprenticeship is likely to have UCAS points attached. This means that University isn’t out of reach to you as an apprentice, that is if you wanted to do a degree later in your career. In fact, many Universities and employers love to see young people with industry experience. During an apprenticeship, you will gain many soft skills, like talking to colleagues and client liaison, which you can continue to use throughout your career.