We always hear about where undergraduates go, and the successful entrepreneurs who started their careers without qualifications, but where do apprentices go? Will apprentices be the next to rule the world?

 With apprenticeships across the country, from advanced level, higher, and degreedegree qualifications available, the number of people important roles, who started as apprentices is continuing to rise. In fact, 1 in 5 members on boards in the UK actually started their careers as an apprentice!

Many successful names in the business world started their careers as apprentices, including the following: 

Lord Bamford –Former apprentice at Massey Ferguson

John Frieda – Former apprentice hairdresser

Jamie Oliver – Former catering apprentice

Ozzy Osbourne – Former apprentice toolmaker

Charlie Mullins – Former apprentice Plumber

Billy Connolly – Former Apprentice Welder

Sir Alex Ferguson: Former Shipyard apprentice

Alan Titchmarsh – Former apprentice is Ilkley Park

Elvis – Former Electrician apprentice

John Deer – Former engineering apprentice

Zoella – Former Apprentice

But will I rule the world as an apprentice?

More than likely, yes. With apprenticeships being considered equal to many degree programmes, there is no reason that you can’t be on the board of directors getting ready to start your journey.

With an apprenticeship, you’ll be successful straight away. In the workplace, learning from experienced individuals, earning a salary and getting great, recognised qualifications.

It is almost certain that in 10 year’s time, many current apprentices are going to be Managers, Directors and could even be CEO’s in lots of different companies. With big employers like Amazon, Amazon, Rolls Royce, Mitchells and Butlers, and EY hiring apprentices now, you could progress through the company or even start at a higher position! Again, making it even more likely that apprentices will be ruling the world before we know it!

Many of the would-have-been most successful business undergraduates are seeing the value of apprenticeships, and choosing to do an apprenticeship instead of going to university. And with these people getting industry experience, they’ll be able to get a job on an executive level or even start their own company with the experience that they have. In fact, many young entrepreneurs do an apprenticeship with a company alongside running their own business. As it gives them the insight, knowledge and power to take what they learn and convert it into what they want.

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