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We ask some of the biggest questions in the universe, explore the unknown and help change the world around us.

Welcome to STFC

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), part of UK Research and Innovation, is a place where scientists, technologists, engineers and business support teams explore the unknown and turn what they find into work that changes the world around us.

We are trusted to support, enable, and undertake cutting-edge projects in an amazing diversity of fields that you could be a part of. With access to our world-class facilities, people like you are helping us to drive ground-breaking advances in science, engineering, computing, and technology.

Our work is focused on inspiring impact – to make a real-world difference to people’s lives and the environment around us. Whether it’s sending probes into space or finding new ways to treat cancer, everyone here plays a vital role in making a positive difference to society.

Utilise your skill set

Your work has an impact

We know that you want to use your talent, skill and dedication to make a difference and at STFC you will get the opportunity to do just that. Your work will support world-leading science and innovation and enable ground-breaking research that will inspire, shape, and define our future.

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Excellent training

Setting you up with the skills you need

We are an experienced apprenticeship employer with a well-established scheme providing an excellent training ground to equip you with the skills and experience you need for your chosen career. All of our apprentices have an impact on life across the globe. STFC provides a unique environment in which to challenge yourself and develop real expertise.

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